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Our Latest Pew Sheet

Our Latest Pew Sheet

Easter Sunday Egg Hunt

Easter Eggs

April 21st is Easter Sunday. At St Peter's we will celebrate this most important day in the Church's calendar at our usual Sunday Service time at 9.30 am.

After the service there will be coffee / tea and biscuits for the adults, and an Easter egg hunt for the youngsters. With the self-imposed Lenten ban on chocolate, it is a fairly safe bet that there will be plenty of adults ready to lend a hand in the hunt!

Stewardship Appeal Easter 2019

For the cost of ‘a pie and a pint’ each week you could  really help your parish church. (Admittedly that’s a cheap pie!) We are hoping that the equivalent of 25 people will gift £20 per month, or 100 could give £5 per month. This regular extra income will mean we can serve our community long into the future. St Peter’s is for YOU.

Stewardship - A Pie and a Pint for St Peter

In the weeks before Easter we are running our ‘stewardship appeal’. We are asking all of our supporters in the parish to join in helping ensure the financial viability of St Peter’s for many more years to come. At the moment about 25 regular givers bear the burden. We invite all those who value their parish church to contribute towards its upkeep.

Historic Appeal from 1954

As we launch our 'pie and a pint for St Peter' stewardship appeal,
it is interesting to read here about the concerted effort to share out
the burden of responsibility throughout the parish.

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How they went about things in 1954

1954 Appeal to raise £1000

1954 Appeal to raise £1000

1954 Appeal to raise £1000

1954 Appeal to raise £1000

1954 Appeal to raise £1000

1954 Appeal to raise £1000

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Mothering Sunday Basket of Posies
Mother's Day Posy

March 31st was Mothering Sunday. Our 'Service of the Word' included the distribution of posies to the mothers attending; posies were also delivered to Mums in the parish who support the church, and to other friends of St Peter's who we thought would like this 'touch of Spring'.

From our pewsheet:

In the 16th century, people returned to their mother church for a service to be held on Laetare Sunday; in this context, one’s ‘mother church’ was the church where one was baptised, or the local parish church, or the nearest cathedral (being the mother church of all the parish churches in a diocese). Anyone who did this was said to have gone ‘a-mothering’. Mothering Sunday became a day when domestic servants were given a day off to visit their mother churches. It was often the only time that whole families could gather together, since on other days they were prevented by conflicting working hours, and servants were not given free days on other occasions.

17th February - Valentine's Sunday

Valentines Sunday-page1-2019

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On 17th February we held our special Valentine's Sunday service to celebrate God's Love in the world. The service is a slightly shortened version of Holy Communion with appropriately themed readings. Last Sunday we were delighted to welcome two couples who were married at St Peter's in 2018. It was so encouraging that these couples felt that they wanted to return to St Peter's to share in our celebrations. Thank you so much! We encourage the whole community to come and join in our Valentine's celebrations next year!

Crib at St Peter's 2018

The crib will be blessed at our Christingle Service on Sunday 23rd December. At the moment Mary and Joseph are ready and waiting for the birth of Jesus, so the infant will be placed in the manger at our service on Christmas Day. The collection on Christmas Day will go to Derian House Children's Hospice.

The Magi wait patiently on the window sill at the back of the church as they make their journey to visit the baby Jesus at Epiphany. Over the Sundays that lead up to the Feast of Epiphany they will make their way up the church via the window sills on the left hand side... until on 6th January they will join the Holy Family and the shepherds and the animals in the stable round the manger. There they will present their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

The Magi follow the star and wait on the window sill at the back of the church
The Magi follow the star and wait on the window sill at the back of the church
The Magi begin their journey and make it to the first window down the aisle
The Magi reach the middle side window
The Magi reach the middle side window