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Thank you, Terry, for agreeing to take this service of Matins for us.

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Celebrate St Peter’s Day with us

The Feast Day of our Patronal Saint is on Saturday 29th June, and we invite you to come and celebrate with us at St Peter’s Field Broughton. There will be organ music – broadcast via speakers so those enjoying the sun outside church can hear it. There will be trips up the tower to take in the spectacular views. Locally brewed cider will be available; and a lavish tea will be provided. So why not come along from 2.00pm onwards and join in the fun!

Corpus Christi 2019

This Thursday (20th June 2019) at 7pm there will be a service to celebrate Corpus Christi,  ‘the body of Christ’.  This is a very special service without hymns to celebrate the gift of the Eucharist.  ‘Eucharist’ is our celebration of communion,  the word comes from the Greek for ‘thank you’.  Participants sit round a candlelit table,  break bread and serve the wine to each other,  remembering Jesus giving thanks at the Last Supper.  All are very welcome to join us.

Corpus Christi 2019
Corpus Christi 2019

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Flying the flag with pride - for both the Queen's birthday and for St George's Day.

Saint George's Day, also known as the Feast of Saint George, is the feast day of Saint George as celebrated by various Christian Churches and by the several nations, kingdoms, countries, and cities of which Saint George is the patron saint including England, and regions of Portugal and Spain (Catalonia and Aragon).

Saint George's Day is normally celebrated on 23rd April. However, Church of England rules denote that no saints' day should overlap with Easter, in which case celebrations are to be moved to the following week. That being said, the 23rd of April is the traditionally accepted date of the saint's death in the Diocletianic Persecution of AD 303. For those Eastern Orthodox Churches which use the Julian calendar, this date currently falls on 6 May of the Gregorian calendar. In the 19th century, it was 5 May.

Many thanks to Sue Dean for sending in this fascinating article about an ancient Bible with very local connections. Sue added a note:

The Barrow family had several brothers who emigrated to America, they are related to dad's side of family,also Mary Long and the Dixons. I think it was once of the Barrow brothers who was ship wrecked. The Barrows lived till about 50 years ago at Canny Hill.

For a closer look click here.

Old Bible - 1619

Old Bible - 1619

For a closer look (pdf file) click here

A new scheme to 'swap, exchange or buy' books, DVDs and jigsaws has been set up for the community and is based in the Lady Chapel in St Peter's. The sign tells you all you need to know... Do please pay us a visit and take advantage of this community initiative.

Swap Books DVDs and Jigsaws Slate Sign

Swap Books DVDs and Jigsaws

Many thanks to all who turned out to mow and rake in the churchyard on 28th April 2019. As  always special thanks those who provided the rewarding tea for those who toiled through the afternoon - and an even more special thanks for allowing the late arrival(s) who did only a little work, but were still encouraged to demolish the scones and cake! (I did take a slice of tea bread to Charmian in Boarbank... Promise! [Ed]!)

A well-earned cuppa when the work is done
Boon Day Mowers' Tea
All calories burnt off immediately replaced!
Boon Day Mowers' Rakes
The Rakes' Progress

An invitation from St Peter's Finsthwaite

As part of our St Peter's Day celebrations this year, we have been invited to Choral Evensong at St Peter's Finsthwaite. Usually we alternate a celebratory service each year, but when the day itself (29th June) falls on a Saturday or Sunday we stick to our own Patronal festivities. This choral evensong on 23rd June is a bonus!

Invitation to Choral Evensong
Invitation of Choral Evenson

Easter Egg Hunt - Sunday 21st April

Easter Egg Hunt 2019

"We've found one!"

St Peter's welcomed over 50 worshippers to the Easter Day service on 21st April 2019. This year there were enough youngsters in the congregation to offer still competition for the adults who joined in the traditional Easter egg hunt. It must be admitted that the egg in the photo was not 'hidden' very effectively. Could the whole scene have been a set-up for a good photo opportunity? Perish the thought...

What a beautiful sunny morning it was. The good weather really lifted our spirits, and put us in the mood to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord. All this sunshine... Can't possibly be a Bank Holiday??

As always, many thanks to Judith and her team of dedicated arrangers for their efforts in making the church so beautiful for Easter. Our congregation of over 50 on Easter Day were certainly very appreciative. Click on each image to get a better view - especially of the Easter Garden. Have a look too at our 'new' Paschal Candle. Thank you Cartmel Priory! (Waste not, want not!)

Easter Flowers 2019Easter Flowers 2019Easter Flowers 2019Easter Flowers 2019Easter Flowers 2019Easter Flowers 2019Easter Flowers 2019Easter Garden 2019Easter Candle 2019

April 21st is Easter Sunday. At St Peter’s we will celebrate this most important day in the Church’s calendar at our usual Sunday Service time at 9.30 am.

After the service there will be coffee / tea and biscuits for the adults, and an Easter egg hunt for the youngsters. With the self-imposed Lenten ban on chocolate, it is a fairly safe bet that there will be plenty of adults ready to lend a hand in the hunt! Link to Easter Egg Hunt

Pew Sheet - 2019-04-21 - CW HC - Easter Day

Easter Sunday Egg Hunt

Easter Eggs

April 21st is Easter Sunday. At St Peter's we will celebrate this most important day in the Church's calendar at our usual Sunday Service time at 9.30 am.

After the service there will be coffee / tea and biscuits for the adults, and an Easter egg hunt for the youngsters. With the self-imposed Lenten ban on chocolate, it is a fairly safe bet that there will be plenty of adults ready to lend a hand in the hunt!

Bell Ringing for Notre Dame

Bell Ringing for Notre Dame - April 18th 2019
Bell Ringing for Notre Dame - April 18th 2019

On your behalf, St Peter's did played its part...

From the Westmorland Gazette: Dozens of Anglican churches across Cumbria will take part in a national toll of bells tonight as a mark of solidarity following the devastating fire at Notre Dame Cathedral. The initiative was originally suggested by the British Ambassador to France, Edward Llewellyn, and has won the backing of both the Archbishops of Canterbury and York. A single bell will be tolled in churches for seven minutes from 7.00 pm.

Easter Vigil - Saturday 20th April


Easter Vigil - Staveley-in-Cartmel - 20th April 2019

The Easter Vigil and first Eucharist of Easter will be held at St Mary’s Staveley-in-Cartmel beginning at 8.30pm
On Holy Saturday (Easter Eve), as has been the tradition within the Cartmel Peninsula, we will be hosting the Easter Vigil and first Eucharist of Easter for the Team. This year it will be at St Mary’s Staveley-in-Cartmel beginning at 8.30pm, just after sunset.
The Easter Liturgy is a moving and important act of worship and begins our celebrations of the Lord’s Resurrection as we proclaim, with the church throughout the world, the good news of Christ risen.
The Liturgy includes the lighting of the Easter fire, the Vigil itself, the Easter proclamation, the renewal of baptismal vows, culminating in our celebration of the first Eucharist of Easter.
It has been usual at the end of the Liturgy for each of the Paschal Candles of the Team’s churches to be lit before the Dismissal and then carried out into the darkness as symbolism of our unity in Christ as witnesses to his Resurrection.

Historic Appeal from 1954

As we launch our 'pie and a pint for St Peter' stewardship appeal,
it is interesting to read here about the concerted effort to share out
the burden of responsibility throughout the parish.

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How they went about things in 1954

1954 Appeal to raise £1000

1954 Appeal to raise £1000

1954 Appeal to raise £1000

1954 Appeal to raise £1000

1954 Appeal to raise £1000

1954 Appeal to raise £1000

View pdf version

Stewardship Appeal Easter 2019

For the cost of ‘a pie and a pint’ each week you could  really help your parish church. (Admittedly that’s a cheap pie!) We are hoping that the equivalent of 25 people will gift £20 per month, or 100 could give £5 per month. This regular extra income will mean we can serve our community long into the future. St Peter’s is for YOU.

Stewardship - A Pie and a Pint for St Peter

In the weeks before Easter we are running our ‘stewardship appeal’. We are asking all of our supporters in the parish to join in helping ensure the financial viability of St Peter’s for many more years to come. At the moment about 25 regular givers bear the burden. We invite all those who value their parish church to contribute towards its upkeep.

Food Bank Contribution

March 31st was collection for our contributions to the Food Bank appeal. Once again many thanks to Judith for all the work she does in this important aspect to our service to the community.

From: https://barrow.foodbank.org.uk/

Barrow Foodbank has been set up by Barrow Churches to respond to the need to help those we know who are struggling in our community, showing God's love with practical help through food, support and advice.

17th February - Valentine's Sunday

Valentines Sunday-page1-2019

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On 17th February we held our special Valentine's Sunday service to celebrate God's Love in the world. The service is a slightly shortened version of Holy Communion with appropriately themed readings. Last Sunday we were delighted to welcome two couples who were married at St Peter's in 2018. It was so encouraging that these couples felt that they wanted to return to St Peter's to share in our celebrations. Thank you so much! We encourage the whole community to come and join in our Valentine's celebrations next year!